NFL from Rags to Riches

Football season is here, Christmas came early! Finally, after a long-awaited Spring/Summer watching any contact sport (to give the adrenaline junky their fix); the NFL pre-season has started. In less than four weeks September will be here, the women will have a week of fashion and us guys will have 16 weeks of fan camaraderie, not liking your best friend because he’s a Jets fan and most importantly tailgating.

There are major corporate partnership changes that will revolutionize the game. Nike has taken over Reebok’s tenure and made uniforms more aerodynamic and versatile for the athletes. The fabric of the jersey (approx. 30% lighter) has given the players a more breathable and flexible four-way stretch to gain that extra yard or to make the tough stop on the defense.

Personally, I like the slim fit jerseys and think they’re better for the game. It will decrease the number of jersey tackles and will force the athletes to lower their shoulder. The new look of the jersey is much more appealing as well. Many people thought NFL uniforms might be created as insane as the NCAA Oregon Ducks or Boise State Broncos uniforms. With time, there needs to be change, Nike couldn’t have done a better job of keeping traditional colors while mixing their own twist in the design.

Buffalo’s pride, heart, and soul New Era Cap Company (the official headwear of the MLB) made their big debut at the 2012 NFL Draft. New Era’s 59Fifty is the design that you saw on Andrew Luck and 252 of his peers in April as they were selected. New Era’s bold, unique, creative designs and different styles will have a hat that will catch an eye of every fan in the NFL.

The NFL couldn’t have acquired better talent to spearhead the uniforms and apparel. The only downside of the NFL’s new acquirements means that I have more things to buy!

Where are my sunglasses?


**Note: Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are not pictured in the caps. At Curt’s Corner, we are Buffalo Bills fans. I didn’t have space for those two caps, enjoy your Super Bowl rings Big D, as far as Detroit (sorry).


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