WWMD? Fall Trends {Part Dos}

Last week, we started the Fall/Winter Trend Guide and now we are wrapping up the clothing trends that caught my eye. There are plenty that I didn’t include like Winter White, Jumpsuits, High Slits, and the list goes on. This doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the trends; I just wanted to hit the major ones not to say these other trends weren’t big on the runway. So get your wallets ready and remember this is inspiration for most of our wallets. So be sure to go to Zara or H&M and they will have budget friendly options.

Comic Book/Sci Fi Fantasy

I combined the two because they intersect one another but this trend can definitely give praise to the inner nerd in us all or we can just admit that its due to the notoriously attractive stars who are playing the comic book heroes in movies.
FW '12-13 Trend: Comic Book/ Sci-Fi Fantasy

Jewel Tone

Can’t afford the real jewels of Sapphire, Emerald, etc.? Well you can always incorporate these colors in your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Like I stated before with Emerald, these are colors that can complement anyone.

FW '12-13 Trend: Jewel Tone


The term baroque originated in Italy, which refers to exaggerated motion and drama for a passionate and sensual appeal (Thank you, Anthony Bourdain for this comment during S1:E7). This trend is one I definitely love and gives me another season where I can wear my Thread Social shorts.

FW '12-13 Trend: Baroque


Taking a cue from the men in our life, this trend is often popular and emerges every few seasons. Plus we all know women might look a tad bit better in tweed or houndstooth print clothing.

FW '12-13 Trend: Menswear


A design element that is figure flattering from the skinny minnie to those who are as bootylicious as Beyonce. Also, I’m a fan of this trend because it slightly alludes to the days when there was a little bit more elegance to getting dressed for the day.

FW '12-13 Trend: Peplum

This wraps up the clothing trend guide and now we move onto accessories, which is where you should REALLY invest your money. Accessories often get more use than clothes especially with shoes and purses so hopefully you’ll see something next week with my picks that you’ll want to invest in.


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