WWMD? {Fashion Week Around the World}

Fashion Month

1. Wren Cropped Tank Top | Rick Owens Black Leather Jacket | J.Crew Graphic Pencil Skirt | Steve Madden Realove 

2. Mary Katrantzou Intarsia Knitted Sweater |Nicholas Leather Track Pants | Manolo Blahnik Specchio BB 

3. Nike Destroyer Women’s Jacket |YSL Striped SkirtProenza Schouler Combo Pointed Toe Pump

4. Oscar De La Renta  Jeweled Headband | Equipment Signature Blouse | Stella McCartney Alfred Wool Skinny Pants | Alexander Wang Crossover Leather Sandals

If I ever had the chance to become one of chosen ones to attend Fashion Week in the different fashion capitals of the world, what would I wear? Am I the only only who thinks we should start calling September and February the month of Fashion? Or have I missed the memo and we already are doing that. Obviously we are halfway through the month of fashion but I’ve been a tad bit busy between work and helping out with NYFW shows. Another random thought of mine, I was a model “pusher” for one of the shows and it made me think of this part of Means Girls. Back to the topic at hand here are my choices of what I would wear if I were an editor or someone who was attending the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Look number one is devoted to NYFW and it’s where I would want to keep it lady-like with a bit of an edge. With the jacket I could also see it draped across my shoulders instead of putting it on like a normal person. With London, its all about the prints because who can do prints better than Mary ‘Can’t Pronounce Her Last Name’ Katrantzou. And as we trek over to Milan, I like to dress it up just a tad bit more but with a tomboy flair so under the destroyer jacket I would put a simple white t-shirt on. Following Milan is Paris obvis and that’s the grand finale of Fashion Month so of course with this last outfit I hope I would make a lasting impression. An all white outfit should do the trick and as we all know an all white outfit is a big Fall Winter trend for this year. Those are my selections so what is the verdict?



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