WWMD? Bond Girl

Bond Girl

1. L*Space Fringe Benefits Dolly Bandeau | L*Space Estella Hispter Bottom | Maslin & Co Zebra Hide Towel 2. Vionnet Crepe Viscose Jersey Slip Dress | Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Snake Sandal 3. J Brand Monae Chambray Shirt |Tibi Printed Strech-Cotton Shorts |Alexander McQueen Sandal Pelle S. Cuolio

Okay, so like any kid, I always wanted to be many things when I grew up. Some of them I would want to do just one day if it was possible from being a model to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Now one of those dream jobs coincides with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise. I mean let’s be honest, when watching the James Bond movies who didn’t want to be a Bond Girl? I know I did and I still want to be one to this day.

There are three outfits that always make an appearance in the movies no matter who is playing the Bond Girl at the moment. Just in case you aren’t familiar the outfits are: 1. Bikini – that James Bond spots the lucky lady in 2. Dress – for the exclusive event that both Bond and the woman both happen to be a attending 3. Casual Wear – Just in case she survives the night, it’s for fighting the bad guys later on in the movie. I wonder if these choices were modeled after pageants or did the Bond movies come first? But anyways, these are my choices for what I would wear if I were a Bond Girl, you know just in case.



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