DailyCandy launches App for iPhone

Share what you love with DailyCandy’s latest app, the DailyCandy Scout. It’s a new mobile app for iPhone & iPad users that allows you to interact with tastemakers just like your stylish selves.

A select group of more than 80 of DailyCandy’s favorite designers, boutique owners, chefs, TV talent, entrepreneurs, and influential bloggers will join the newly formed DailyCandy Scout Squad to curate content. Whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, DailyCandy Scout users simply snap a photo, add witty captions,  upload their finds and share their discoveries with the DailyCandy community and beyond via Facebook and Twitter. Editors will also introduce several challenges every week, like “Flaunt Those Fall Kicks”.

H&M has signed on as DailyCandy Scout’s launch sponsor, partnering to promote the “Scout That Street Style” challenge within the app experience. The Scout with the keenest eye for capturing a candid fashion pose will win a $500 H&M shopping trip!



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