Cause for Mass Appeal: Spotlight on Once Vintage

I spoke with Molly Hoeltke, creator/designer of Once Vintage, a sustainable fashion company that specializes in handmade high end clothing, using vintage and deadstock fabrics. Karina and I had worked with Molly a few weeks ago when we had met for the styling segment, and couldn’t wait to see her collection.

“I had met a woman from India and she had a lot of vintage saris that she was willing to give me for fabrics. Since it fit the concept I had sketched, the collection took off from there. I named by collection Daughters of the King.  I’ve been working doing a lot of volunteer work through church and thinking about a women and a girls worth. When you work with human trafficking, when you work with such sadness, you really need to focus on the positive and thinking about how to make a woman think they are worth something.”

“I decided to use a lot of rich gold fabrics and brocades. The cool thing about the saris is that there’s a lot of hand embroidered design already on it that I was able to work with it and redesign it. It fits with the bohemian spirit that I always use, stuff that feels very earthy and very natural.

“I partnered with Elise Lazikcas, the accessories designer behind Felise Marie, who designed all the necklaces, bracelets, food adornments, used recycled metals, and Marisa Schindler, creator of Reign, who made the recycled leather floral headpieces. It was a nice collaboration as we are all sustainable designers. The styling completes the concepts.”

Once Vintage

Look for my full recap on Mass Appeal this week! ‘Til then,

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