Lovely Little Details: For Chic Sake

New series alert! It must be the girly-girl in us, but we’ve decided to feature new blogs and sites that offer products to make a persons life a little brighter.

I recently came across this super cute blog, For Chic Sake a lifestyle blog with real life opinions. What caught my eye first, there free printables. I can easily support women who want to make others look and feel pretty, gratis. Here are a few of my favorite prints, of course you can find even more on For Chic Sake!

For Chic Sake feature

monogrammed tray // iPhone charger wrap & home button sticker // Custom bookmarks // monogrammed poster

Although not free, you can also purchase a custom iPhone case topped off with a custom monogram. Below are a few of my favorites.

For Chic Sake iPhone Cases

Chevron | Anchors & Polka Dots | Flamingo

Will you be using any of these printables? I mean, why wouldn’t you!?



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