Cause for Mass Appeal 2012

Karina, Lindsay, and I were excited to score an invitation to Cause for Mass Appeal, one of Buffalo’s top fashion events. It brings together Buffalo’s fashion designers, boutiques, and artists, all for a great cause: Evergreen Health Services.

Our favorite collections were Once Vintage, designed by Molly Hoeltke (see our spotlight on this collection here); Anatomy, designed by Ali Eagen,  Second Chic, a vintage boutique curated by Vanessa Ron; and the Wearable Art category, where artists/designers were partnered with local businesses to create unique concepts incorporating their business.

VIP Lounge pre show

Second Chic models in vintage pieces and fur collars.

Anatomy by Ali Eagan

designed by Dyan Burlington, modeled by Allie Hartwick (photo by Wendy Sanders)

The wearable art collection was incredible! The dress above was made entirely of roofing material. I spoke with Erin Habes, creator and producer of Mass Appeal, who said “I wanted to include more of the Elmwood Village, as the event kept on growing throughout the years. To me it was about representing Elmwood as a whole, giving light to boutiques, local designers, and now extending our mission to the great artist community in Buffalo. Focusing on the creative partnership with artists, retail, restaurants, cafes, sponsors etc. that might not sell conventional clothing or accessories, but still speaks to the roots of the Elmwood Village.”

Once Vintage

Sai One

Funktional dress | Matt & Nat bag | via Anna Grace

Sai One

End of show

Before the show we shot some of our favorite looks!

Erin in Floreat via Anthropologie

Nneka in BCBG vest, Urban Outfitters dress, H&M necklace

Giana & Paula in Zara

Erin | Top: Funktional; Pants: BlankNYC; Clutch: Vintage (Clever Foxes Vintage); Necklace: Jessica Matrasko | Lindsay | Blazer: H&M; Pants: H&M; Top: via TJ Maxx; Clutch: H&M |  Karina | Cape: Darling c/o Anna Grace; Dress: Urban Outfitters; Clutch: Tory Burch


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