A Thanksgiving Place Setting

So it’s that time to start setting the table and you have some dishes that match and some that don’t. Well, as we like to say, don’t fret.

You  can still create a festive Thanksgiving place setting with non-matching dinner ware. We recommend you layer your dishes with your contemporary pieces and your vintage pieces. This will give the setting a perfect retro feel. Don’t feel like you must use a table-cloth, work with what you’ve got. If your table is beautiful as is, show it off! In our table setting we used smaller sized burlap and placed it both directions.

To avoid just folding a napkin, tie a piece of raffia, festive string or ribbon around the center of the napkin. Something as simple as this can create a prettier setting.

In need of a simple & fun place card? Simply cut a piece of craft paper into a fun shape to act as your name tag. Make a slit into a cork and slip the name tag to act as the holder. Save these corks for future dinner parties, they’ll come in handy!

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and want you to know we’re thankful everyday for our readers and amazing support!


Team KC


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