2012 Gift Guide: Under $50 for the Guys

gift guide for the guys under $50

1. The Art of Shaving Starter Kit, $25.00 | 2. The Dark Knight Trilogy,  $20 | 3. Caliente Cooler Tote with Charcoal Grill Inside, $40 | 4. Vintage Style Team Baseball Cap, $45 | 5. Sipping Stones, $13 | 6. Fridge Monkey Bottle or Can Stacker, $6.15 |  7. ABC of Men’s Fashion, $20 | 8. Take Out Menu Organizer, $18 | 9. Men’s Back Up Battery for iPhone, $40

Oh yay, another gift guide. Well, we love them and they’ve actually helped us in searching for the perfect gifts. We seem to keep running into gift guides with no budget, well, we’ve got one. When you’ve got a long list of receivers, you tend to look for affordable gifts that don’t match their price. Our first gift guide installment will begin with gifts for the guys in our lives, of course at under $50.

Happy shopping,

Team KC


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