DIY Decor: Pinecone Wreath

Growing up, my mom and I always did one holiday craft together. From stuffed snowmen and chocolate covered cherry mice, we slowly started making more decor like ornament wreaths and pinecone trees. Last year, my mom surprised me with a pinecone wreath I could hang in my new home. This year, I was inspired to create my own to share with our readers!

What you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam wreath
  • Pinecones  (I purchased some at AC Moore and gathered some from the ground)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Optional decor: Gold Spray Paint, Faux Cranberries, Feathers, Ribbon, etc.

How to make it:

Line the pinecones up with the wall so you’re able to hang it evenly later. Glue the pinecones (I started with the store bought ones as they are more uniform sized) straight on the outer and inner sides of the wreath. It’s best to glue the bottoms and use a small dab of glue on the sides of each pinecone.

Continue to fill in the wreath any way the pinecones fit!  I used the smaller store bought pinecones to do the first layer (above), then fill in with the natural ones. Don’t be afraid to really jam them in so they fit, and continue to round it out by building out and up. I spray painted a few gold using Rustoleum Touch ‘n Tone paint, and added some faux cranberries. You can add anything you want to make it your own. Tie a red ribbon around it to hang it on your door or wall, or add it on your mantle decor.

pinecone wreath DIY

pinecones on mantle

Happy decorating!



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