2012 Gift Guide: Under $50 for the Event Coordinator & PR Pro

gift guide under $50 for the event planner and pr pro

1. Small round customized stamp, Etsy $18 // 2. The glittery belt to clip the headset to, J.Crew $35 // 3. A monogrammed clip board for the “guest list,” The Preppie Techie $38 // 4. ‘Pop Fizz Clink’ iPhone Case, Kate Spade $26 (on sale!) // 5. Sometimes a good, old shiny handset is necessary , Zumiez POP Phone $30 // 6. Perfect, festive New Year’s cards, Kate Spade $24 // 7. Cold weather, calls for tech savvy gloves, C Wonder $28 // 8. After being on their feet all day, a cute pair of flats isn’t just necessary it’s mandatory, Kate Spade $39 // 9. Because when you’re in the field of event coordination and public relations, the work never really ends, Kate Spade iPad case $50

Although we have this lovely blog, we are completely swamped with events and PR clients. It’s really a dream come true. We can guarantee any event coordinator or PR pro would not only love these gifts, but absolutely appreciate that you want to make their work lives a little prettier.

Happy Shopping,

Team KC


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