Detox through Ginger


If you’re like me, you may have gone on a little binge due to holiday parties and get togethers. Now it’s a new year which naturally means a new you, a better, healthier lifestyle. Here’s my advice on getting back on track, introduce your body to ginger. When my Mom first made me drink this tea, I hated it, which clearly meant it was good for me. I’ve slowly grown to love it and I’m sure you will too.


This detox recipe is really quite simple. All you’ll need is a piece of ginger (sizes range, but this piece only cost me $0.68), a knife, cutting board and, water to boil in a stove pot.


Chop up your piece of ginger and place it into your pot once water is boiling. Stir for a few minutes then pour into tea-pot. If you plan to save the ginger tea for the rest of your week, simply place into a carafe and place in the fridge. Yes, you can drink this ginger tea both warm or cold! What do you do with the chunks of ginger? Just leave them in the tea to continue the flavor, no need to eat them.


So ginger is known for curing nausea (those terrible hung-over mornings), muscle pain and has even been tested to fight against cancer, but I’ve noticed it also clears out your system and helps us girls with those not-so friendly “stomach-aches” we get every month.

Here’s to a healthy new year!



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