10 Things I Plan to do in 2013


Don’t think of this as my New Year’s resolutions. Think of this as a list of goals I want to accomplish & make me happy. Resolutions seem to never come true, but setting goals do – at least for me. Here are my top ten things I plan to do in 2013..as of today.

1. Indulge in a completely lazy weekend bare of iPhones, laptops, iPads and everything in between. The T.V. stays.

2. Plan our first trip to Paris.

3. Purchase at least 3 major investment pieces, I’m already looking at thisthis and this.

4. Lose at least 20 pounds by working out at least 5 days per week (already lost 3, woo!).

5. Cook more, eat out less.

6. Find our perfect New York City apartment.

7. Compare myself less to others, appreciate my own success.

8. Take C to Disney World for the first time (I’m cheating on this one, we leave for Disney on Tuesday).

9. Try something completely new. I haven’t decided what yet, but something.

10. Wake up to this everyday:


Of course, my list isn’t cheap, but is it ever?



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