Week of Pinspiration {Beauty Trends}

C & I are currently in Florida and have had quite the relaxing weekend. It seems one thing that I always catch myself doing while relaxing is finding new inspiration on Pinterest. This time around I realized just how many beauty pins I had and thought perhaps I was on to something. I’m always open to trying new trends, so this week I plan to try one of these:


I can’t wait to try both of these nail styles. Between the gold metallic and the jewel tone nails, my nails will be super primped.


I’ve always been obsessed with thick and beautiful eyebrows. Her brows match her face and hair color well, I doubt I could go this thick with my color hair, but I hope to get close to it.


Although I’m not quite sure I could pull off this pink pony, in my next life I definitely plan to.


I love everything about this shot. Although black and white, you can tell her makeup was flawless, the deep lip color matches her deep hair part, everything just works.


I’m not sure I’ll be getting over the top knot any time soon. I especially love how it looks here on the beautiful fashion blogger behind www.wearawishbone.com.

Will you try any of these beauty trends? Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for continuous Pinspiration.

Stay inspired,



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