The New Vine App


{a shot from behind the scenes of our first Vine post}

Yes, yet another social media platform to become addicted to. Some what of a cross between Twitter and Instagram, this one might be a new favorite.

Twitter announced last week that they’ve introduced a new video service-Vine. Much like Twitter’s simplicity and brevity, each video created on Vine will only be 6 seconds. Naturally, I love that their first video on Vine’s blog is a shot from a fashion show-just in time for NYFW! Video apps have been around for a while, like Viddy, but haven’t seem to catch on the way photo sharing apps have. Perhaps the integration with Twitter will be the way to change this.

Brands have already begun to experiment with the app, including Lucky Magazine and Urban Outfitters. Vine is available on iPhone/iPad-sorry Droid users! You can find Vine here or search in the app store “Vine Twitter”.

So, will you be making the move to Vine? If so, follow @kcyouthere – you know, to get our Instagram pictures in real life motion.



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