Wed-spiration {Peach & Grey}

As our readers know, I (Erin) recently got engaged. I’ll be using our blog to post inspiration, decor ideas, and planning tips learned along the way!

Before setting a date or anything silly like that, I quickly set my mind on my color scheme when I first got engaged at the end of December.

Thankfully for brides to be, there’s Pinterest (and, which is “the Pinterest of weddings”, much like as Pose is the “Instagram of fashion”).

My favorite color, teal, instantly popped in my head. However, to be fair to my fiancé, I came up with some alternatives. After endless browsing, I came up with the combo of peach & grey. Grey has always been one of my favorite colors, and I love how peach softens it a bit. Here’s a few of my favorite images.



peach and grey table seating bulletin board

peach and grey table setting

I still love the idea of a pop of color like lavender, mint, or aqua.

peach and aqua

mint and lavendar

Find more of my inspiration for colors on Pinterest!



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