Tips for Creating a Modern Wedding Website

I know, I know. I was going to avoid a wedding website at all costs. Karina was the one who convinced me to have one after she asked if I’ve ever used someone’s wedding website to get crucial information, like looking for the church address when the ceremony is 5 minutes away and you’re in another city. Fine, I said. But I’m not adding any music.

Once I got going I actually got really into it (might be the blogger in me). I’ve been using to research vendors so I just use that to create the site. It automatically pulls info like the ceremony site which is helpful. Wedding Wire features tons of templates so you’re sure to find something to suit you as a couple. I used a template designed by Wedding Paper Divas, as it was one of the more modern templates. It also had great apps that will be useful to guests, like integrating Yelp for shopping tips (my college roommates), nightlife (his college roommates), maps, hotel information, and popular registries. You can also put a password on it that you share only with your guests, which I love. is also another great option.


Set the tone of your wedding on the home page. Add little welcome note to anyone visiting the site. Add keywords like elegant, relaxed, black tie, etc, so your guests know what to expect.

Add the most crucial information following, like when and where. Include addresses, times, and parking information.

Follow with information like accommodations, directions, and the fun stuff like the wedding party and how the bride and groom met or the proposal story. Again, these are all totally optional. I chose to keep mine more informational and less on the “how we met”
as I’m a more private person (who happens to be blogging her wedding).

Provide a contact like the Maid of Honor to direct questions to day of. Make sure to get the ok from her, first!

It’s also a great place to add registry information, as everyone will be looking for the information anyways. Wedding Wire has an app for adding popular registries like Crate and Barrel or Macy’s. You can also write any other places, like local boutiques or etsy.

You can add an option to RSVP online. I’m on the fence on this. Thoughts?

Proof it. Although there are worse things, listing an incorrect phone number or time would not be good!

Here’s a sample of my work in process (I swear I’m not a hipster).

tips for creating a modern wedding website

Did you have a wedding website? What do you find helpful when visiting them?


PS-Check out this totally awesome wedding website.


One thought on “Tips for Creating a Modern Wedding Website

  1. We used We loved their special but still stylish templates and we appreciated that they DID NOT have an option to have background music on the website :-).

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