Pinspiration: Office Space


Exciting news! On Friday we signed the lease for our very first office in Buffalo, NY! The location is beyond perfect and the space, although small, is beautiful. We’re now in planning mode and looking for office space inspiration. Of course I lean towards sites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy along with a few magazines like Elle Decor and House Beautiful.


I’ve been a fan of the “Do More of What Makes You Happy” sign for quite sometime now. I absolutely plan to print out a mini version and frame on my desk.

I have a serious obsession with all things Lucite (especially since it’s the cheaper version of glass). I’ve also had a long lasting obsession with the ghost chair. The desk space on the right pretty much exemplifies my favorite style. The desk lamp adds the perfect touch.


There’s something about this glass desk that makes me happy. Not having a color, you can change-up accessories to make the look different when you get bored with your current desk decor.


I love the idea of an accent wall in a small space. One of our walls has a gorgeous over-sized fire-place, but if we had all 4 walls, I would absolutely try this idea.

Thankfully we have amazing shops in Buffalo like Room, Reimagine, OffBeat Emporium and more. Of course, we’ll look for help from places like Home Goods and Ikea!

Next up, the perfect Manhattan office space!

K & C


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