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Men’s Fall Style Guide

Summer is most likely to be the quickest season out of the four. Fall is attacking us faster than shark week did. September is one of the most dreadful but long-awaiting months of the year. College is back in session, football season is back in action, and the holidays are right around the corner.

It’s about that time to put away the flip-flops, shorts and light Ts away holding on to your sunshine memories and start preparing yourself for the cooler months of Fall. With the calm days and crisp nights approaching here are a few Fall trends that you might want to consider adding to your floor for Autumn.

For the Ol’ Noggin:                                                                                                            Jovan Jane: $45.00

You might recognize JJ from previous posts. Fedoras are always a great option, especially Fall. Jovan Jane offers unisex fedoras, the cool aspect of her lids is that she customizes the fedoras to colleges and major sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

For a mere $45 you can be rocking a traditional fedora with your team’s colors to your next sporting event, grabbing attention from surrounding fans.

Specks:                                                                                                                      Woodroze Cajj: $108.00

I love sunglasses and make it an objective to find unique shades that are the real deal. Woodroze is a company which makes premium handmade wooden sunglasses.  Their passion is built on action sports and the love of the great outdoors. “Made from nature, crafted by man,” these green-specks are perfect for outdoor events/activities.

Threads:                                                                                                                                Banana Republic:                                                                                                                 Hoodies:  $89.50 (top left &right)

Cardigans                                                                                                                     Heritage Elbow Patch ($108.00) (bottom left)

Tipped Shawl Cardigan ($99.00) (bottom right)

Probably one of the more popular choices among men, a few light hooded sweatshirts to wear for a night out or lounging around your pad.

A cardigan is a classic sweater that you can wear to work or on a late-night date with your lady friend. Nothing says stud than wearing a cardigan with either a button down or a tee-shirt underneath. You can also add a tie/bow-tie if you’re feeling like Mr. Rogers. Confidence is key.

Blazer/Sport Coat:                                                                                                     Navy Herringbone Blazer ($180.00) (left)

Ralph Lauren Gray Plaid Sport Coat ($299.99) (right)

A jacket adds value to your outfit which can be worn with jeans or trousers. It’s a go to option when going out to a corporate function or dinner where you can get away with wearing denim. Many people dress more casually now-a-days, so do it right, get a sport coat.

Pants:                                                                                                                               Scott Cord Trousers (79.50) (left)

Russell in Mustang (168.00)(right)

You can’t go wrong with investing in a solid pair of jeans. Russell in Mustang (how cool is the name) is a slim-straight pant which can be utilized from work to play. It’s a good feeling to have a few pairs of different jeans that you can wear to any occasion without thinking.

The Scott Cord Trouser is a slim-fitting pant which comes in multiple color options that you can wear to look dressed up with out trying. Dress it with a cardigan and you’re ready for whatever the day holds for you.

Kicks:                                                                                                                          Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafer ($275.00) (bottom)

Diesel Hurrikane Nylon Sneaker ($136.24) (topright)

Asos Chukka Boot ($93.67) (top left)

Here’s a few options of what to wear with almost any kind of pant. Depending on the occasion that you may be heading to, each option would be a good pick because of the style, color and reasonable price. I mean the first thing I look at is the shoes, doesn’t everyone?

Stay comfortable my friends…

Where’s my sunglasses?


NFL from Rags to Riches

Football season is here, Christmas came early! Finally, after a long-awaited Spring/Summer watching any contact sport (to give the adrenaline junky their fix); the NFL pre-season has started. In less than four weeks September will be here, the women will have a week of fashion and us guys will have 16 weeks of fan camaraderie, not liking your best friend because he’s a Jets fan and most importantly tailgating.

There are major corporate partnership changes that will revolutionize the game. Nike has taken over Reebok’s tenure and made uniforms more aerodynamic and versatile for the athletes. The fabric of the jersey (approx. 30% lighter) has given the players a more breathable and flexible four-way stretch to gain that extra yard or to make the tough stop on the defense.

Personally, I like the slim fit jerseys and think they’re better for the game. It will decrease the number of jersey tackles and will force the athletes to lower their shoulder. The new look of the jersey is much more appealing as well. Many people thought NFL uniforms might be created as insane as the NCAA Oregon Ducks or Boise State Broncos uniforms. With time, there needs to be change, Nike couldn’t have done a better job of keeping traditional colors while mixing their own twist in the design.

Buffalo’s pride, heart, and soul New Era Cap Company (the official headwear of the MLB) made their big debut at the 2012 NFL Draft. New Era’s 59Fifty is the design that you saw on Andrew Luck and 252 of his peers in April as they were selected. New Era’s bold, unique, creative designs and different styles will have a hat that will catch an eye of every fan in the NFL.

The NFL couldn’t have acquired better talent to spearhead the uniforms and apparel. The only downside of the NFL’s new acquirements means that I have more things to buy!

Where are my sunglasses?


**Note: Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions are not pictured in the caps. At Curt’s Corner, we are Buffalo Bills fans. I didn’t have space for those two caps, enjoy your Super Bowl rings Big D, as far as Detroit (sorry).

Top 5 Men’s Pants of Summer

Here’s the deal, I know that I’m not the only man who has trouble figuring out what to wear on an 80+ degree night.  I am a jean/pant guy when hitting the town, for the mere fact of respecting dress codes and most importantly, what I feel best in.

Most of us carry over our heavy jeans/pants from winter into Summer. I’m not saying that it won’t work, but to be comfortable on the hottest Summer nights here are a few different style of pants that will keep you relaxed and cool.

Linen- Cubavera $58.00

Linen isn’t just for vacations anymore. It’s a light, stylish pant adorned in a variety of colors.

Cotton Tommy Hilfiger $58.00

Often referred to “soft khakis”, cotton is a great way to put together a bold style which you can dress up for work or play.

Poplin- Camo $120.13

This is a pant that requires hardly any maintenance. Forget the iron and ironing board, grab them from the dryer and throw em’ on. These slacks let your boys breathe (the material’s ventilation) which will keep you feeling fresh during the Summer’s humid nights. 

Khaki- Banana Republic Gavin Chino $59.50

Here is a semi-loose chino which is a great substitute for the suit during a summer event or to a formal dinner. Just because it might be a formal occasion, that doesn’t mean you cannot take a risk and think outside the box of implementing a bit of color and style, stand out!

Denim- 7 For All Man Kind A-Pocket $208.00

There is nothing wrong with wearing denim during the summer months. Make sure it is a relaxed fit that won’t cut of circulation to your legs. With denim it has to have style, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pant has to be a form-fitting “skinny jean”. Let your legs breathe and your body temperature will stay regulated all night long.

Remember, Summer means to be colorful, I’m not saying go out and buy orange pants, but stray away from the “norm” conservative colors. Chicks dig it.

Where are my sunglasses?


Men’s Summer Style Guide

Summer can be one of the most difficult times for men trying to find the right pieces to complete an outfit. No matter if you’re on a beach or in the yard kicking it poolside at a social gathering, you have to be on top of your game.

Now-a-days there aren’t too many plain-janes left in the world, the ladies like us gentlemen dressing with a bit of Summer flare. For all the single gents out there, to intrigue the opposite sex at a party how you dress will make it a lot easier to catch their eye rather than our sarcastic comments and our sweet drinking skills.

At Curt’s Corner, I am here to help out the home team (us men) to get that one chance to make a great first impression among the female race. Here are a few of my top ideas (from head to toe) of what to wear and to blend into your Summer wardrobe.

Head Gear:

Put the ball cap back in your closet for the Summer. Yes, it’s great to wear on a hot sunny day on the beach, but a better option is a fedora. Top of my list, the Jeremy Piven Fedora from jovanjane.com. All of her solid color band fedoras are unisex and this one in particular adds a bit of patriotism from the color accents.

 Piven Fedora $49

Sleek Shades:

I have two options for sunglasses. Ray-Ban are my go to shades for the summer, there’s a style for everyone in the world (fact). My friend Chris over at Buffalo Dandy recently posted these sick pair of specks for those who love thick frame shades, however they have an added incentive. Named the JackHawk9000 (kick ass name) based out of beautiful San Diego, these sunglasses made of titanium arms also serve as a bottle opener.

Ray-Ban $150

 JackHawk9000 $90

Your Rags:

We can make anything look good (without trying) I think that’s what women expect out of us half of the time. Wearing a great pair of printed trunks with a linen shirt works just fine.

 Tommy Bahama $98


 River Island $41.43


Your feet are one of the hottest parts of your body during the summer. You need to let them breathe so you can stay cool during the scorching months. Besides wearing flops all year (which I recommend) there are other options for your paws.  Espadrilles are a pretty cool shoe to wear for the summer and it fits any occasion from the beach to the bar.


Wrist game:

Watches should always be a must accessory, not only does it makes you leave your phone in your pocket during a party it also leaves a tan line! Keep the metal and leather band watches on your dresser. Pick up a fairly decent watch that you can live with, but also if something happens to it from the sand or water; you have no problem of parting ways. 

I recommend a canvas strap watch that will keep your wrist cooler. I personally wear this watch (under $50), which gets the job done. You can find something like this at your local mall.

Here at Curt’s Corner it’s all about inspiration, add some of these ideas to your closet or floor for the Summer and you’ll be good to go.

Where’s my sunglasses?