Erin R.

You are? Erin Reedy, Managing Editor

Locale? Born & raised in Buffalo, New York.

Editorial philosophy? The first step to style is confidence! I’m here to bring you clear and concise fashion forward news & tips on PR, events, and social media, while staying true to myself.

Favorite color? I love all things bright; teal and turquoise top the list.

Pick your poison: Coffee or Tea? I’m trying to kick my addiction to all things caffeine, including coffee!

Best place for social media tips? is a great resource to keep up on the latest social media trends. No shocker here, Twitter is perfect because it’s a community where everyone can share new trends and topics.

Favorite read? I’m a total bookworm; I love everything from classics like Gone with the Wind, the latest chick-lit, historical fiction, to the New York Times.

Twitter: @ErinEReedy Pinterest: Erin Reedy Email: erin{at}

Don’t forget to bookmark KC You There and check back regularly for your dose of a fabulous lifestyle.


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