Karina L.

Karina L.

You are? Karina Lopez, Co-founder of KC You There, Editorial Director.  Yes, I am the “K.”

Locale? I currently reside in New York, both in Buffalo & Long Island. Always a New Yawker.

Editorial philosophy? My idea of this blog is to bring you updates, behind-the-scenes & tips on all things I love, while covering aspects of my lifestyle.

Favorite color? Glitter, leopard, black & white. What? These are colors.

Pick your poison: Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Favorite piece in your closet? Black quilted Chanel with gold hardware. I hope every girl can one day own a piece as classic as this.

Favorite place? Aside from NYC, Puerto Rico.

Favorite beauty product? Make-up wipes, M.A.C ‘blankety,’ mascara, anything OPI, all Avon products (thanks Mom!).

Things that make you happiest: My family, C, my blackberry, success. (I consider friends, family).

Twitter: @KarinaLynLopez  Pinterest: KC You There  Email: karina{at}kcyouthere.com

Don’t forget to bookmark KC You There and check back regularly for your dose of a fabulous lifestyle.


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