Curt R.

Curt R.

You are? Curtis Rogers, Co-Founder of KC You There, Editor, Curt’s Corner & yes, the “C.”

Locale? I feel like a nomad, bouncing back and forth from the Big Apple and WNY. My suitcase is my dresser; always have my passport in my back pocket.

Editorial philosophy? To deliver the good word to the fellas about sports, food/drink, women, trends, electronics/products, and advice that are both practical and a dude’s point of view while being understanding.

Favorite sports team? No One Circles The Wagons Like The Buffalo Bills! A BILLIEVER! There’s always next year…

Buffalo Wings or NY Style Pizza? Buffalo Wings, nothing is better than a little deep fried action.

Fears? Being let down… Rule #1, you have to look out for #1 and in my case #2 too. Sometimes the best way to get things done is by doing them yourself. If you find a person that you can trust with anything (like I did), you’re even better!

Favorite drink? I love my beers. Anything from Brooklyn Lager to Peroni.

Something I always carry? Sunglasses, I have sensitive eyes.

Twitter: @CurtRgrs  Pinterest: KC You There  Email: curt{at}

Don’t forget to bookmark KC You There and check back regularly for your dose of all things that make the world go round.


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