Lauren C.

Lauren "Lauralai" C.

You are?  Lauren Clymer, Editor, Beauty & Lifestyle.  You may also recognize me as my fashion forward, beauty obsessed alter ego, Lauralai, on YouTube and Twitter.

Locale?  I currently reside in Jersey City, but still maintain that “I’m a New Yorker” mentality.

Editorial philosophy?  To deliver trends, products, and advice that are both practical and glamorous while being as honest and open as I am with my closest girlfriends.

Favorite color?  It’s safe to say that I am ambivalent when it comes to color.  It all depends on my mood, current trends, the season, the phase of the moon etc.

Pick your poison: Coffee or tea?  Tea.  There’s a strong possibility that I’m addicted.

Fears?  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” and spiders.  So, fear and spiders. And pickles.

Top beauty secret?  I know you’ve heard this time and time again, but self-confidence goes a long way.  The key to looking beautiful is believing in your own style and having the courage to listen to your intuition.

Must have beauty product?  Mascara.  I feel naked without it.  Ah yes, a perk of being a semi-natural blonde.

Twitter: @MsLauralai  Pinterest: Lauralai  Email: lauren{at}

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