Fall 2012 Nail Trends

Another season, another fancy manicure. Fall 2012’s nail trends go from one extreme to another. Rich, deep lacquers to iridescent nudes are forecasted to dominate the runways, magazine spreads and Pinterest boards in the coming months.

Let’s see a roundup of the trends.

  1. I’m Ron BURGUNDY – Classic, deep burgundy shades are sultry and beckon the leaves to change. Pictured: Wet n Wild Megalast Haze of Love
  2. Deep Blue Sea – Rich navy and teal shades are stirring up the storms. Pictured: OPI Ski Teal We Drop
  3. Mirrored – I doubt these rockstar nails will replace my trusty Les Tais Tais Model Mirror, but I’m ok with adding an extra, healthy, 10-digit dose of mirror exposure in my life. Get yourself a Minx manicure or play around with some nail tattoos and press-ons for this rockstar look. Pictured: Elegant Touch Metallic Nails in Molten Silver
  4. The New Nudes – Pearlized pale shades are taking manicures to the other extreme. Barely there “mannequin” nails are perfectly polished and oh so on trend. Pictured: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Parchment (limited edition).
  5. Mix and Match French – Using the above trends to play around with the classic French manicure. A pearly, nude base is preferred with a pop of a rich, dark shade on the tip. Pictured: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Parchment (base), Wet n Wild Megalast in Haze of Love (tip)

Check out the last collections of my favorite brands: OPI Germany and Essie Yogaga.

Time for a girl’s night mani & pedi party!



Barely There Mani Flare

There is something so feminine about a nude manicure. Nude polishes, when complementary to your skin tone, can elongate the fingers giving them that extra dainty feel.

Spring is in the air and that means proms, weddings, and dates in the park. This barely-there polish with a touch of silver glitter is the perfect choice for such occasions.

So set those trendy and vibrant Spring shades aside – you can do it!

What you’ll need:

1. Base coat. Suggested product: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Olive Leaf Nail Growth
2. Nude nail polish. Suggested product: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Parchment
3. Silver, glitter nail polish. Suggested product: Essie Silver Bullions
4. White nail polish or nail art pen. Suggested product: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
5. Dotting tool or the rounded end of a wooden cuticle tool
6. Top Coat: Suggested Product: Seche Vite

What to do:

1. Apply base coat
2. Apply two coats of the nude nail polish and allow to it to dry completely
3. With your dotting tool, apply the silver glitter to your nails in the desired pattern. I chose to add dots on my ring finger and a french tip to the others. Note, this look doesn’t need to be perfect, the sheerness of the shades is forgiving, so have fun!
3. Using the white nail art pen, make half moon shaped lines around the dots, similar to a “leopard print” look
4. Apply base coat.

There you have it, a perfectly girly manicure fit for high tea or sipping on a glass of champagne at a wedding!


DIY Design: Nails with Pams & Kin

With this new-found nail design craze, we clearly had to join in on the fun. Spring/Summer 2012 has been one of our favorite seasons with colors and patterns taking on a whole new life not only in the fashion scene, but the beauty world as well.

We did our homework and found Pams & Kin, a nail polish company based out of San Fran with some amazing hand mixed colors. The polish line is 3 FREE, meaning they don’t include dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene and formaldehyde. Thus, making them less toxic and less harmful to you and the environment. Parris & Kiri, the ladies behind this colorful brand also hand mix every bottle in order to have complete control over colors and how unique the colors will be as compared to other companies. Their story is inspiring and we can’t promise you won’t want to snag every bottle. Don’t worry, we’ve got a surprise to help you kick off your collection.

P&K, the sweeties that they are, sent us over some of their best colors to try out our very own DIY nail design. We kept it simple, for the non-pros like us.

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Tip – Using a flat paint brush and acetone will be best to fix the edges!  

Here’s how you’ll do it:

1 – Paint the entire nail with ‘Left Coast Envy’, allow to FULLY dry.

2 – Take blue painters tape (great because it won’t ruin polish you already have down) and angle it on the nail a third of the way up. Paint a couple of coats of ‘Manic Monday’ and IMMEDIATELY remove the tape. If you allow the polish to begin to dry on the tape, when you take it off you’ll get gross sticky like edges. Not cute. Again allow to fully dry.

3 – Place another piece of blue tape 2/3 of the way up being sure to follow the same angled line. Paint a couple of coats of ‘Dr Feelgood’ and again, immediately remove the tape. Allow to fully dry and finish with a top coat (we recommend Nails Inc. Kensington Caviar or Seche Vite).

Love what you see? Check out Pams & Kin’s Etsy store to shop their amazing line. Be sure to stay tuned to our first ever give-away collaboration with P&K!

Happy Phancy Phalanges,

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