It’s a Posh Party!

Shop Karina’s, Lauralai’s, and Erin’s closet during our LIVE Poshmark party TONIGHT at 10pm EST!

Karina & Lauralai got to spend time with the Poshmark team this past April as the PM team headed east to NYC (read the full post here). Since then, they’ve improved their Posh Parties by adding hosts and showrooms. I love not having to sift through thousands of images and go straight to the “host picks”, where your favorite fashion bloggers curate their top choices, or better yet, “designer items” showrooms!

The theme for tonight’s party will be “from desk job to date night.” So be sure to meet us on the app and get your shopping fingers ready.

See you in Poshmark,



Guide to Shopping Online: Threadflip, Copius, HipSwap & Poshmark

I was chatting with a new friend I met at happy hour and was shocked that she had never heard of some of my favorite secondhand shopping websites. I was happy to chat her ear off on some sites that fashion bloggers take for granted. These sites are great because you’re targeting people who love fashion and high end designer items. You also get more for your money than a local consignment store. Here’s a few of my fave pics. Scroll down to the bottom for some tips on buying/selling.

Threadflip is unique because it gets to know your taste and recommends items based on your preferences and “loves”.  You can recommend items to friends registered on Threadflip, too. It’s very visually appealing too as it’s set up like Pinterest. If you’re too busy to deal with listing your items, you can use their White Glove Service, where you send items to Threadflip and they’ll style your items, take pics, and take care of shipping.

Copius is a one stop shop where you can shop bloggers closets, like Man Repeller. I just snagged this Alice & Olivia lace top for $30. Shipping is most often included, so prices, although high at times, are upfront. They pride themselves on their social media integration, so you know who you’re buying from a la 6 degrees of social network separation.

HipSwap makes shopping local. You can discover what’s for sale in your neighborhood-they’ll even deliver in NYC & LA in a cute pink truck with a mustache, naturally. It’s different because it’s more than just clothing and accessories; you can shop boutiques, famous closets (e.g. Kyle Richards of RHOBH ), art, home decor, etc.

Poshmark is a free app exclusively for your iPhone. Karina & Lauralai stopped by their Live from New York Posh Party in April to meet the fashionable Poshmark team! Users can easily upload images straight to the app and price their items to sell. Poshmark hosts themed Posh Parties throughout the week that makes it easy for you to share or shop specific items (e.g. Chevron & Stripes, Neutrals, Cocktail Dresses). While you can only purchase on the app, you can view users closets online, check out mine, here.

Guide for Shopping/Selling

Fees for selling/buying

  • Theadflip charges a 20% commission fee, the buyer pays for shipping.
  • Copius charges a 3.5% commission fee, and a 6% marketplace fee for whatever the items sells for.
  • Hipswap charges a 3.5% commission fee, the buyer pays shipping. Local delivery is $5.
  • Poshmark charges a 20% commission fee, the buyer pays $7 flat rate shipping.


Pictures can make a break a sale! For fashion bloggers, it’s easy to get those great images. Check out Taylor Sterling’s guide to taking pics on your phone.

Know how to price your items. Check our what other similar brands and items are going for so you can price your item competitively. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick ebay search either.

Don’t just post an item and forget about it. Not selling? See what items are selling and try to emulate those items. You might want to take pictures from a different angle, add more information such as dimensions to a handbag, or such it up and lower the price-you’re trying to get rid of it, right?

Have you tried these sites? What’s your fave place to shop secondhand online?


Posh Party, New York City Style

Finally! Laurali and I got to meet the fabulous faces behind Poshmark. Wednesday night we hit up the New York City Posh party at Liberty Hall in the Ace Hotel. The room was filled with the fashion obsessed, the Poshmark crew, a number of Poshmark users and well-known fashion bloggers like Court and Hudson, Style & Pepper, Sweet Caroline in the City, Profresh Style, On the Racks, Flashes of Style and an appearance from I Spy DIY.

We had a blast and can’t wait to see the Poshmark team again!

Poshmark Team - Stolen from Facebook

What I wore: Top: H&M, Cape: NY&Co., Pants: H&M, Heels: Zara, Clutch: TJ Maxx

The party didn’t stop there. Poshmark hosted a social happy hour at the Dream Hotel Downtown, Thursday evening. We got to catch up on a more intimate level and of course, I had to invite my new friend, Freddy Rodriquez of the style blog, BluePerk.

Until the next Posh Party!


It’s a Poshmark Partay!

Hey New Yorker’s, Poshmark’s hitting the Big Apple!

Living in a bubble and don’t know what Poshmark is? No worries, I’ll explain. Poshmark is a free app that allows you to both buy and sell your gently used clothing to other Poshmark users. The app only takes a mere 20% of your sale and provides you with the shipping label. All you have to do is pack up your items and mail away! One of my favorite things about the app is that it allows you to connect with tons of fashion bloggers and what’s better than shopping an amazing closet. Shop my personal closet here and check out to learn more.

Poshmark is heading to the east coast for the first time and what better way to make their debut than by throwing the ultimate live Posh Party in New York City?! They’re teaming up with six amazing NYC-based fashion bloggers and all-around cool gals, who will be opening up their closets on Poshmark for you to shop! The theme of this Posh Party is “Spring Trends,” so be ready for plenty of peplum, polka-dots, neon, pastels, and more!

Come mingle, meet, shop and have a cocktail with the Poshmark team and their amazing co-hosts! To RSVP, simply email by April 23rd to get on the guest list (space is limited).

If you’re not in NYC, don’t fret! Join the party virtually through the Poshmark app for plenty of stylish fun!

Lauralai and I will be there – can’t wait!