Prom Series: Glittery Smokey Eyes

Who doesn’t love an excuse to rock some serious glitter? Prom allows you to do just that.

This smokey evening look with just the right amount of sparkle is the perfect pairing to that romantic updo and gorgeous gown. Experiment with different colors to compliment your ensemble – have fun with it!

Products mentioned:

BH Cosmetics Eye & Lip Primer
Urban Decay Naked 2 palette
Inglot Matte Gel Eyeliner #77
Duo Lash Adhesive, Clear
Multi Stackable Glitters
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
Ardell Lash Accents #311
Brushes, Sigma & Real Techniques

Have a magical prom!


Prom Series: Legs that Shine

Celebrities seem to have it all – beautiful clothes, perfect hair, and even sexy, shiny legs. But don’t be envious! Should you decide to get extra flirty and rock a leggy prom dress this season, you don’t have to spend a fortune to call on an entourage of makeup artists.

You have me, Lauralai. And I have a few tips to get your gams a-glowin’.

The Week Of

The week leading up to prom, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your legs a bit more than usual. Save shaving for the end of your shower routine to allow the skin to soak in all of that steam. Always shave from the ankles working your way up and ending at the armpits.  Believe it or not, the pit region contains the most bacteria so when shaved first, it can increase the likelihood of inflamed razor burn and ingrown hairs elsewhere.

After your shower, take the time to really massage lotion into your skin to increase circulation. Two days prior to the bash, apply a light self tanner (for my faves click here). I always suggest applying any self tanner few days in advance to avoid any disastrous streaks, to allow the smell to dissipate, and to avoid the potential of any transfer.

The Day Of

Now that you’re fancy, huh? Hair done, nails did, everything did (thank you, Drake), be sure not to leave your legs out of the equation! For little extra leg color, mix a few drops of body bronzer or MAC Face and Body to a few drops of moisturizer and apply to the shins, calves and thighs – be sure to blend! If you have any scrapes or bruises conceal lightly (as you would do on your face) and set with a finishing powder.

For that extra glistening look, I suggest upping the ante by topping off the look with one of the following.

  1. With a fan brush, apply a champagne shimmer powder or shimmer shadow down the center of the leg focusing on the shins.
  2. Invest in a leg shine like Michael Kors Leg Shine or Lush’s Shimmy Shimmy and run it down the center of the legs.
  3. Spritz on a touch of oil. My personal favorite is J.R. Watkins Body Oil in Grapefruit. It smells heavenly and can be found at Target. Or you can just add a few drops of almond oil to a half a pump of moisturizer. Remember, oils tend to stay slick, so don’t lube yourself up like you’re on Spring Break – a little goes a long way.

With these tips, you’ll put Angelina Jolie’s right leg to shame.