Men’s Fall Style Guide

Summer is most likely to be the quickest season out of the four. Fall is attacking us faster than shark week did. September is one of the most dreadful but long-awaiting months of the year. College is back in session, football season is back in action, and the holidays are right around the corner.

It’s about that time to put away the flip-flops, shorts and light Ts away holding on to your sunshine memories and start preparing yourself for the cooler months of Fall. With the calm days and crisp nights approaching here are a few Fall trends that you might want to consider adding to your floor for Autumn.

For the Ol’ Noggin:                                                                                                            Jovan Jane: $45.00

You might recognize JJ from previous posts. Fedoras are always a great option, especially Fall. Jovan Jane offers unisex fedoras, the cool aspect of her lids is that she customizes the fedoras to colleges and major sports teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

For a mere $45 you can be rocking a traditional fedora with your team’s colors to your next sporting event, grabbing attention from surrounding fans.

Specks:                                                                                                                      Woodroze Cajj: $108.00

I love sunglasses and make it an objective to find unique shades that are the real deal. Woodroze is a company which makes premium handmade wooden sunglasses.  Their passion is built on action sports and the love of the great outdoors. “Made from nature, crafted by man,” these green-specks are perfect for outdoor events/activities.

Threads:                                                                                                                                Banana Republic:                                                                                                                 Hoodies:  $89.50 (top left &right)

Cardigans                                                                                                                     Heritage Elbow Patch ($108.00) (bottom left)

Tipped Shawl Cardigan ($99.00) (bottom right)

Probably one of the more popular choices among men, a few light hooded sweatshirts to wear for a night out or lounging around your pad.

A cardigan is a classic sweater that you can wear to work or on a late-night date with your lady friend. Nothing says stud than wearing a cardigan with either a button down or a tee-shirt underneath. You can also add a tie/bow-tie if you’re feeling like Mr. Rogers. Confidence is key.

Blazer/Sport Coat:                                                                                                     Navy Herringbone Blazer ($180.00) (left)

Ralph Lauren Gray Plaid Sport Coat ($299.99) (right)

A jacket adds value to your outfit which can be worn with jeans or trousers. It’s a go to option when going out to a corporate function or dinner where you can get away with wearing denim. Many people dress more casually now-a-days, so do it right, get a sport coat.

Pants:                                                                                                                               Scott Cord Trousers (79.50) (left)

Russell in Mustang (168.00)(right)

You can’t go wrong with investing in a solid pair of jeans. Russell in Mustang (how cool is the name) is a slim-straight pant which can be utilized from work to play. It’s a good feeling to have a few pairs of different jeans that you can wear to any occasion without thinking.

The Scott Cord Trouser is a slim-fitting pant which comes in multiple color options that you can wear to look dressed up with out trying. Dress it with a cardigan and you’re ready for whatever the day holds for you.

Kicks:                                                                                                                          Rancourt Beefroll Penny Loafer ($275.00) (bottom)

Diesel Hurrikane Nylon Sneaker ($136.24) (topright)

Asos Chukka Boot ($93.67) (top left)

Here’s a few options of what to wear with almost any kind of pant. Depending on the occasion that you may be heading to, each option would be a good pick because of the style, color and reasonable price. I mean the first thing I look at is the shoes, doesn’t everyone?

Stay comfortable my friends…

Where’s my sunglasses?


WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?


1. Top Shop Cleopatra Sweatshirt 2. Clockers Rise & Grind Sweatshirt 3. J. Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk 4. J Brand Light Skinny Jeans 5. Rag & Bone Mila Short 6. Converse Chuck Taylor 7. Ash Suede & Canvas Wedge Sneaker  8. Reed Krakoff Boxer 9. House of Harlow Sunburst Pendant Necklace 10. Ariel Gordon Initial Necklace 11. Top Shop Leather Backpack 12. Zara Thin Strap Sandals 13. Warehouse Maxi Wrap Skirt 14. Jane Norman Milano Mini Skirt

What is the one thing that we love to wear but often isn’t as stylish as we need it to be? That would be the grand ol’ sweatshirt. Since I’m a fan of sweatshirts for casual days, I figured this week should be all about them.  A lot of sweatshirts can have cool sayings or graphics on them, like the two I chose to display this week. Although the Top Shop Cleopatra sweatshirt is sold out, you can still grab this Rise and Grind sweatshirt, if the website decides to start working again.

So rather than do a day and night look for sweatshirts, I decided to separate the looks by each sweatshirt. First up to bat we have the Rise & Grind sweatshirt that I paired with the purple J. Crew Blythe blouse (I really like this blouse, can’t you tell?). With the wedged sneaker by Ash or the all-white Converse, it gives you two options to help finish off this look with either a pair of denim jeans or shorts. This look, no matter which you way take it, gives me a combination of ways to make a sweatshirt that can be a little frumpy to more tailored and refined.

This next sweatshirt is one of my favorites because A. it’s Elizabeth Taylor B. Cleopatra (I love anything Egyptian related). I took my idea from Rihanna, whose style is amazing and I personally would like to own 90% of the things that she has. Taking the idea to be a little girlier with a sweatshirt you can pair it with a long maxi skirt like Rihanna did with this sweatshirt or take up a notch and go for a form-fitting mini skirt with these Zara sandals to keep it comfy up top but a little sultry on the bottom. I think the sweatshirt and maxi shirt combo would be perfect for a Sunday brunch with friends.

I kept it really simple for accessories just because I wanted the focus to remain on the sweatshirts so I just combined two gold necklaces for layering. You can pair either look with the Top Shop backpack or this great investment piece by Reed Krakoff. All the options I gave you in this polyvore set can be intermixed with one another and useful for other ideas too! Whenever you buy something you should always have a few options for what you would pair the item with plus it can help justify those expensive purchases.

Until next time, don’t forget to think WWMD? Have a an item that needs some helpful pairing tips? Feel free to tweet meand I may just write about it.